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From Airport to Innovation & Tech Hub and Smart Residential Area

Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport finally opened at the end of October, after nine years of delay due to corruption allegations and construction-related functional problems.

Following the opening of the new big airport, the small historic Berlin Tegel Airport, TXL, is closed in the beginning of November. The space will be transformed into an innovation hub for industry, business and science, as well as a residential area.

The technology and innovation park, Berlin TXL – the Urban Tech Republic, will serve as a place “where urban technologies are researched, developed, produced, tested, and exported” and “where science and research meet industry and businesses, and where start-ups meet investors”. Efficient use of energy, clean water and recycling will be among the core areas of work in the hub. On the other side, the residential area, Schumacher Quartier, will be developed as a “smart residential district” as well and create homes for more than 10.000 peopple [Read More].

The TXL project is indeed very promising not only for the city of Berlin, but also for the startups in the field of urban technologies. Supporting startups in their sustainable growth and transformation is at the core of our project, GT4SME. Check our website to see how you can benefit from project results and deliverables.

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