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Established in 2015. It focuses on the topics of Impact Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Responsible Management, Sustainable Development,

 as well as Internationalization and Digital Transformation in Organizations. It supports individual #entrepreneurs and innovators as well as start-ups and SMEs in scaling up their ideas and businesses.

Erasmus Projects:, SHOUT, Assess

Global Impact Grid (Germany)
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Established in 2015, is a non-profit, research and advisory organization focused on development and education of corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices. Educational program is focused on the professionals from the field of economy, politics, journalism, philosophy, environmental protection, human resources and human rights. IDOP collaborates with decision makers, companies and scientists from Croatia and Europe in organizing and carrying through various types of educational programs aimed at different types of adults, entrepreneurs, managers, etc.

Erasmus Projects:

IDOP (Croatia)
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Offers its consultancy and coaching services such as Business Development, Business Expansion, Financial Access, Public Fund Acquisition, Real Estate Management services to individuals and organizations operating in or investing to Belgrade and wider Balkan Region.

Eurospring d.o.o. (Serbia)
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N&P Business Consulting GmbH offers expertise in sustainable business development and provides clients with tailor-made solutions to easily start, connect and grow. N&P Business Development System covers all essential aspects that are important for starting and further growing a business. Business start-up, recruitment, HR development and strategic international growth.
They have been successfully active in the areas of recruitment , staff and management development for many years. They have extensive experience and expertise in developing and delivering training and coaching in over 400 companies. In addition, they have advised and accompanied over 5,000 people in their professional development and reorientation over the years.
N&P Business Consulting (Germany)
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GTE is a leading carbon and sustainability project development and consultancy company based in Turkey. It also helps organizations to identify and manage risks posed by climate change via determining the carbon and water footprints of corporations, products&services and support the development and implementation of an effective management plan.

GTE (Turkey)
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Aregai is an Italian non profit association promoting activities and projects to help members of the association to improve and innovate without waste resources, making good use of all talents and knowledge in the value chain.

AREGAI (Italy)