SWITCH to Green Services at a Glance

In this entry, we list some initiatives around the EU promoting CSR. Some are held online, thus allowing larger audiences to participate

SWITCH to Green Services at a Glance

(Founded by the European Commission)

The SWITCH to Green Facility supports EU international cooperation by providing technical assistance where good will or enthusiasm for innovation may be complemented by additional operational, knowledge or other capacities.

A Roadmap for Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into EU Member States and Business Practises

(Founded by the European Commission)

The funding priority that Road-CSR project is tacking is the "Reinforcement of the competitiveness of the economy" which has the main objective to increase the national research potential and private investments in research and innovation, to promote entrepreneurship and increase of SMEs' competitiveness. However, the issues of CSR implementation in SME’s are not cleared in the OP and in the specific FP. By being a part of the “Road-CSR” project it will support policy learning in the field of CSR with a view to improve the performance of national development policies and programmes in this area, by elaborating CSR principles into SMEs and making them more competitive and sustainable. New measures will be included in order to help SMEs to adopt the CSR principles in their daily business life.

The European Business Network for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility

They offer Services to support businesses in their sustainability journey with:

  • Communities of Practices: Entry-level and advanced best practice sharing and capacity building for CSR Europe members.

  • Collaborative Platforms: To strengthen your drive for sustainable growth in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs).

  • EU Policy Dialogue: Advocating the development of a level-playing field and recognition of the role of business in the sustainability agenda.

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