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Successful Story about the Internationalization coming from Croatia - Rimac Automobili!

Recently, there has been a lot of positive news coming from Croatia regarding the company Rimac Automobili. Porsche has invested another 70 million euros into this Croatian company.

Porsche has further increased its investment in Rimac Automobili, increasing its stake in the company to 24%. According to, with the initial investment in 2018, Porsche acquired a 10% stake in Rimac Automobili, and increased it to 15.5% in 2019.

“Porsche has been a great support to us since 2018 and we have always been honoured to have such a strong collaboration with one of the most significant and advanced manufacturers of sports and premium cars. We are proud to collaborate on the new exciting projects with Porsche and the fact that Porsche trusts in Rimac has resulted in several rounds of investment, making Porsche an important shareholder in our company”, said Mate Rimac, founder and CEO of Rimac AutomobilI.

The GT4SME consortium has highlighted the importance of the business internationalization countless times. Rimac Automobili today has 1000 employees, but they started as a small company. This kind of story is an example to everyone of how success is possible with the constant effort of the whole team.

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