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Legislation on Working from Home: Tax Breaks in Germany

“Right to Disconnect”has come to the EU agenda

Ongoing Covid-19 crisis has turned home-office into the ‘new-normal’ way of work. While working from home has its own enjoyment, keeping a balance between work and private life and maintaining well-being is quite challenging for many people, who are constantly ‘available for work’. Indeed, many employees suffer not only from physical problems, but also from depression and social isolation as a result of long hours of desk-work at home, without a real interaction with their colleagues.

Therefore, “right to disconnect”has come to the EU agenda as well. A non-binding resolution regarding "right to disconnect" as a fundamental individual right has just passed by the EU lawmakers. There are other legislative practices on the issue at the national level as well. “Germany's coalition government announced it is considering across-the-board tax breaks for individuals working from home. The new legislation, which is expected to be passed by Germany's Bundestag parliament, would allow workers to write off €5 ($6) per day to offset extra heating and electricity costs. The maximum amount that can be written off for the year will be capped at €600” [Read More].

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