IDOP Platform for Collecting the Non-financial information as an Example of Good Practice

IDOP has started a new initiative in the cooperation with the Verso Altima Group under the title IDOP Platform.

The Croatian Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility (IDOP) is one of the partners in the GT4SME project. Recently, IDOP has started a new initiative in the cooperation with the Verso Altima Group under the title IDOP Platform.

IDOP Platform aims at collecting the non-financial information which include a wide range of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) data that can affect a company’s ability to successfully implement its business strategy and create a long-term value. Non-financial information serves companies to facilitate the management of measurable non-financial indicators with financial implications.

Using the IDOP Platform, companies systematically collect and process non-financial information through which companies will be able to generate a non-financial report prescribed by law.

The aim of new technologies is easier and simpler access to environmental, social and economic data in order to facilitate the collection, analysis and clearer strategic planning. Technology like the IDOP Platform is changing the way non-financial information is collected, systematized, communicated and then used in strategic planning. Accordingly, through using the IDOP Platform companies will be able to answer faster to a contemporary challenges and be in constant communication with their stakeholders.

For this reason, the production of non-financial reports in the future will be digital and structured in the way that the IDOP Platform is set up:

• The IDOP Platform serves the company as a tool for systematic and unified collection of non-financial data and evaluation of the company's business in the field of sustainability.

• The IDOP Platform was built in accordance with the internationally recognized methodology for collecting non-financial information – GRI Standards and the European legal obligation of non-financial reporting prescribed by Directive 2014/95/EU.

More information about the IDOP Platform can be found here.

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