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How Sustainability Reporting Will Change in Europe?

This year will bring some important changes when it comes to the sustainability reporting in the European Union (EU)

In order to redirect private and public money to sustainable activities, EU will make the reform of the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD).

This article* by Frank Bold discusses further on the changes this reform will bring and which topics we can expect to be the main discussion points this year.

The Croatian Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility (IDOP), partner on GT4SME project, regularly cooperates with Frank Bold and provides abstracts of main points and key information within the Croatian context. As an Institute dealing extensively with the sustainability, we believe that this topic is also very important for small and medium enterprises.

“Content outline**

“*” “**” The article as originally published as a part of Frank Bold’s series of 2021 monthly briefings focusing on sustainability reporting. It can be accessed on the Alliance for Corporate Transparency website.

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