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GT4SME Virtual Project Meeting - Good-Practice Example from Turkey:

The second transnational project meeting (TPM) of GT4SME took place online in middle of June. As the strategic partnership aims at exchange of good practices among the partners, each partner presents a good-practice example from its country / region during TPMs.

This time, organizing the TPM online enabled guest speakers from partner countries to join the meeting sessions and present their work themselves.

Being a good-practice example of an impact business, from Turkey gave a short presentation of their work as well. The company offers information services to tackle problems that farmers and agriculture industry in Turkey experience. The representative of the company showed the participants a good example of how digital technologies can be implemented in a traditional sector in order to boost sustainable agriculture. It is discussed that a proof of financial gain for the farmers is mostly needed in order to encourage them to make use of the information services that the company is willing to offer.

The example of led fruitful discussion among partners who, in the framework of the project, aim to extend their knowledge and experiences on how to enable sustainable SME- growth and -transformation in four topic fields: Internationalization, Financial Access, Digitalization and Impact.

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