GT4SME Online Project Meeting - Virtual Workshop with the Case 'Vrtovi Voća'

‘Vrtovi voća is a fruit and agriculture company from region Moslavina in

Croatia. During the GT4SME online project meeting, consortium partners

worked on the business model that can be designed around this food and agricultural company.

The forth transnational project meeting (TPM) of GT4SME took place in hybrid way in July 2021. As the strategic partnership aims at working on a case-SME during thematic TPMs to boost work-based learning, a case from Croatia was chosen for the hybrid workshop.

„Vrtovi voća“ is a fruit and agriculture company from region Moslavina in Croatia with the focus on apples and apple juice production. During the project meeting, the case was at the stage of making an alignment with EU regulation on sustainability, more specifically EU Taxonomy. As presented to the meeting participants, agricultural sector is experiencing many sustainability challenges; so, identification of sustainability risks in order to minimise and control them is important for this sector. During the workshop, participants discussed with the owner of Vrtovi voća how they identify sustainability topics that are important for their financial sustainability and whether it is possible to have a positive impact on society while at the same time ensure financial profitability for the company. One of the main issues raised was the “climate change” and uncertainty with the planned harvesting quantity and quality and trends in eco production. The feedback and input of the consortium partners have been gathered and later presented to the case-representative, in order to improve the integration of the sustainability awareness of the company.

Working on this case provided the project partners with a good practice learning experience. The consortium had the chance to discuss the workshop methodology and tools in order to determine the points-to-be-improved until the next thematic TPM.

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