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In this entry, we focus on offering EU level information and tools about FINANCE and different aspects connected to a better use of financial resources.

Erasmus plus

The DIFME project seeks to deliver a curriculum to meet the real needs of entrepreneurs in the areas of financial literacy and digital skills. Through an in-depth analysis of the needs of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship programmes offered by Higher Education Institutions in the EU (and beyond) it will identify the fundamental competencies required in the two disciplines and the gaps in existing provision. The project will then design and test a curriculum to deliver these skills in a combination of methods including an e-learning platform.

Just as for all businesses, institutional investors have a responsibility to respect human rights. This responsibility was formalised by the UN and the OECD in 2011, and since then expectations – from employees, beneficiaries, clients, governments and wider society – have only increased. The PRI produces guides, case studies, webinars and events to inform investors on how to incorporate ESG considerations into investment decision-making and ownership practices in a systematic way, within each asset class.

Exchanging quality content saves time for ‘EU Actors’ (EU-level and national policy professionals, plus further journalists leveraging this information). Developing a trusted brand and reaching users across the EU helps EURACTIV clients in their communication. Cross-border journalism and media innovations support fact-based and constructive policy-making, for Europe.

With an increasing number of investors being concerned about climate risks, they have started to push for sustainable business practices. But critics warn that such a “greening” of capitalism will not be enough.

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