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EU Projects Supporting Competitiveness Via Internazionalization And Digitalization

Interreg programmes supports projects developing innovative concepts and practices and promoting a reasonable use of resources. Here we offer some examples of projects that we consider interesting for the GT4SME audience.

Smart SME'S

Digitalization is a very current topic in the Alpine region and gradually expanding into various fields. It is already widely used in business areas and becoming a part of everyday life, also in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

This is due to various initiatives that help strengthen cooperation between businesses and research institutions. The integration of the digitalization is reflected in the development of distributed systems, smart factories, machine vision, blockchain technologies, digital services for education and public administration, development of digital competencies, promotion of innovation, and creation of new business models.

The overall goal of the digitalization is to facilitate businesses of different sizes and to make easier their management and production processes by combining natural, financial and digital assets.

INTRA – Next Step in Supporting The Internationalization of SME

INTRA project focuses on the role of public authorities in creating internationalization services to support the competitiveness of the regional economies and thus contribute to the Europe 2020 strategy. Developed by the project partners, it builds on internationalization research findings as well as highlights the importance of regional quadruple helix partnerships to bring together universities, business, civil society and local authorities as the main stakeholders in research and design of new internationalization policy models, wider acceptance of the good practices identified within the INTRA regions and preparation of new project proposals to be funded under the respective national Cohesion policy 2014 - 2020.

Improving SME Internationalisation Support

Internationalisation is a key way for SMEs to innovate & grow and is an essential part of ensuring that Europe continues to compete in the global market.

SMEs want to find new markets for their products & services but internationalisation can be complex. Companies face barriers when doing business in other countries but with the right support, internationalisation can help businesses to grow & become more innovative. Each partner will showcase successful support interventions in its region so that the other regions can test new ways of helping companies.

SIE will include study visits, local stakeholder groups, joint research into barriers faced by SMEs and regional action plans to improve policy design and implementation.

The partners will explore how different SME support mechanisms (workshops, trade missions/fairs, investment funds, B2B matchmaking and online tools) work in each region. The project activities will focus on a variety of topics including digital vs physical exports and international vs European trade.

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