Digital Transformation Support for SMEs in Turkey

The Bogazici University Industry 4.0 platform conducted a survey about digital transformation of the Turkish SMEs, called Tool for Digital Transformation Evaluation of the Turkish SMEs or D3A.

Digital transformation affects companies of all sizes, both multinational corporations with huge supply chains and small traditional shops in rural areas. SMEs, being crucial part of economies, must pursue the opportunities offered by digitalization, not only for their own survival but also for the transformation of the economies in general.

In Turkey, more than 90% of all businesses are SMEs and they account for more than 75% of employment around the country.

In order to support SMEs in their digital transformation process in Turkey, Bogazici University and TÜBITAK TÜSSIDE (Turkish Management Sciences Institute) have built a new cooperation: The “D3A Digital Transformation Evaluation Tool”, which is developed by the Bogazici University Industry 4.0 Platform, will be implemented in SMEs through the engagement of TÜBITAK TÜSSIDE. The tool is to present a road map to SMEs, in the framework of which they can determine their needs, ranging from product development to supply chain management, and lead their digital transformation processes in an efficient way [Read More].

The topic of digitalization in SMEs are also in the core of our project, GT4SME. Check our website to see how you can benefit from project results and deliverables.

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